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  • 14 September / Camille, Josephine; Conferences, Networks, Calls for Papers

  • 12 October / Hannah, Lena

    • Dear all,

      Please find in this folder my text for our meeting next Monday. Thanks a lot, Camille, for sending out a quick reminder (I actually thought about it a couple of times earlier this week, but then something must have shifted it out of my focus). A few notes on the context of what I've written: I originally started writing this article for a special issue of a journal (, the deadline of which is next week (October 15). I am currently unsure whether to hand it in or to rather keep working on it and save it for a different occasion. This brings me to two aspects which I am still struggling with the most:

      1. The first is structure. At the moment, I still have the feeling that quite a bit is 'happening' in my text and that I haven't quite managed to concentrate my thoughts into one (and not several) argument(s). If you could keep your mind on this point in particular, that would be of great help to me.
      2. The second point concerns definitions, background explanations, etc. As matters stand, the text should be accessible for people trained in American Studies who, nonetheless, do not necessarily need to have a background in anything 'eco'. So if there are any terms you think I should define more (or less), any background knowledge that should be added or deleted, just let me know.
      Other than that, I am looking forward to any feedback you want to give.

      Wishing you all the best - and thanks a lot for taking the time to engage with the text,

      PS: In case you're wondering: I will include the page numbers for the passages from Cronon's essay as soon as I get hold of the copy I want to reference.
    • Good Morning All,

      I apologize for the late submission of this draft, this past week got away from me. Like Lena, what I have for you is a draft of an article I'm thinking of submitting to COPAS, based on some thinking that emerged for a talk I planned earlier in the year.

      Some notes on the state of the draft:

      The structure is a little "fragile" and I'm not sure it stands up to real scrutiny (I would love your thoughts on this). I tend towards a more lyrical approach to the essay, but I think perhaps building a stronger scaffolding for this piece at the get-go would be helpful.

      I'm also not sure I have done enough work to shore up theories of affect and care in making my argument.

      On a more pedantic level, there are a few unfinished footnotes and the conclusion is still very much a work in progress.

      With all those caveats (or calls to action), I would be most grateful for any feedback you have.


  • 9 November / Imposter Syndrome, Finding a topic

  • 7 December / Kita, Sophie

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