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Dear all,

I hope you are well and in good health.

For exam and grades I would like to use your suggestions from Friday as follows:

1. Presentations
For the presentations (PM in VN and final project presentations) I will give everyone a grade for slides and presentation.

2. Solutions of the homework tasks.

Also for this, each of you will receive an individual grade.
You will have the opportunity to optimize and upload the task you were responsible for as project manager of the day until Tuesday evening:
"Upload: Optimized solutions of tasks 1-7"
Only ppt-files are to be uploaded. For example, all project managers of day 3 upload the (improved) solution of task 3 and only this one.

The final grade will be the weighted sum of 1. + 2.

3. Oral exam
In addition, I offer an oral online exam via video conference for those who want to improve their final grade.

The university has informed me that they have agreed to this solution.

Happy projects !